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Schema Registry for your GraphQL Workflows


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You can test and play with GQty using This codesandbox.

And if you find a bug, reproducing it there would be very helpful.

It uses Next.js for the frontend and Fastify + mercurius for the GraphQL API

Cloning / Forking Repo#

This project uses pnpm with it's workspaces support.

To contribute just make sure you have it installed:

npm install -g pnpm

And inside the cloned/forked repo, simply call:

To install packages and build everything

pnpm i

To test everything

pnpm test -w

In the repository you will have some specific folders:

  • internal/website/docs


  • examples

    Examples usually used for "Real world" testing

  • internal

    Internal packages like this website, build utilities, and testing utilities.

  • packages

    Official packages of GQty