We aim to minimize the necessity of this page, relying on auto-detection and interactive setup for most cases.

If you think your use case is possible without a configuration file, tell us on Discord or GitHub!


GQty looks for its configurations in these locations, stopping on the first one found:

  1. A gqty property in your package.json, or
  2. .gqtyrc in JSON or YAML format, or
  3. .gqtyrc.json, .gqtyrc.yaml, .gqtyrc.yml, .gqtyrc.js or .gqtyrc.cjs, or
  4. files above, but inside .config/, or
  5. A gqty.config.js or gqty.config.cjs CommonJS module exporting an object.


introspections <object>

An object specifying additional information for introspection queries.

type Introspections = {
  [endpoint: string]: {
    headers?: Record<string, string>;

For example, you may specify an authorization header like this:

  // ... other fields skipped for brevity
  "gqty": {
    "introspections": {
      "https://example.com/graphql": {
        "headers": {
          "authorization": "Bearer eyJhbGciOiJIUzI..."

destination <string>

Destination path for the generated client, can be overridden by the CLI option --client.

Defaults to ./gqty/index.ts

scalarTypes <object>

An object mapping custom GraphQL scalars to TypeScript types, for example:

  scalarTypes: {
    DateTime: "string",

preImport <string>

Custom snippet prepended to the generated schema, useful for custom GraphQL scalars or custom types in TypeScript that depends on the generated schema.

react <boolean>

Includes a react client during code generation, this adds React hooks to the exports. Can be overridden by the --react flag.

Defaults to true if react is found in dependencies

subscriptions <boolean> | <string>

Includes a subscriptions client during code generation, required when using subscriptions in your code. Possible values are:

  1. graphql-ws - Uses graphql-ws as the subscriptions client.
  2. graphql-sse - Uses graphql-sse as the subscriptions client.
  3. true - Deprecated, equals to graphql-ws.

Defaults to graphql-ws if subscription types are found during introspection.

javascriptOutput <boolean>

Generate Javascript code instead of TypeScript.

When enabled, enumStyle will be set to string regardless of the user configuration.

Defaults to true if typescript is not found in dependencies.

enumStyle <string>

Dictates generated types for enums, the default is enum.

assertionGenerates enums as const assertion objects.
constGenerates enums as TypeScript enums with const prefix.
enumGenerates enums as normal TypeScript enums.
stringGenerates enums as string unions.

transformSchema <function>

Transform the GraphQL Schema before client generation.

export interface GenerateOptions {
   * Transform the GraphQL Schema before being used to generate the client
  transformSchema?: (
    schema: GraphQLSchema,
    graphql_js: typeof graphql
  ) => Promise<GraphQLSchema> | GraphQLSchema;